This section of the portal is dedicated to all research and sustainable development projects of all member organizations, promoted as part of Mountain Genius. It will gradually be filled with information related to each project on:


The Mountain Genius project intends to involve scientific entities and organizations that deal with research and monitoring in mountain environments and sustainable development, in collaboration with national and supranational organizations and institutions. Private companies that play an increasingly important role in the promotion and implementation of environmental protection activities, are also involved in this activities.

Mountain Genius and scientific research in the mountain areas of the world

This project brings together the know-how of organizations and professionals that for more than thirty years have coordinated research activities in the mountain areas of the world. In particular, researches have been performed in the Central Karakoram in Pakistan, Himalayas near the Khumbu valley, European Alps, and Chilean Andes.
The scientific research projects promoted in the current initiative concern various research fields: from Earth Sciences to Environmental Sciences, from Medicine and Physiology to Anthropology, and development of new technologies.

Mountain Genius, consulting, sustainable development, and land management

The Mountain Genius project also involves highly experienced professionals and researchers in the field of mountain territory management.
Thanks to The experience in the management of important National Parks such as the Stelvio National Park, and the creation, drafting, and implementation of the Management Plan of the Central Karakorum National Park in Pakistan, the professionals involved in the Mountain Genius project are now able to share the know how to all stakeholders.